What Do You Actually Want?

We often get so tied up thinking about the skills and experience on our CV, and working out what that means about the next job or contract we land, that we forget to consider what we actually want to do. The danger with this is that we let what we’ve done before dictate what we do next. Our next career step merely becomes a function of our past decisions, and we are relegated to being passengers on our own career track.

But what if we also factored in where we want to be in the longer term? Is it not possible, if we skilfully and strategically plan out 2, 5, 10 years into the future, that we might find ourselves much closer to doing something we are sincerely passionate about?

It’s too easy to overlook who we really feel we are, and how we want to give expression to that in our careers. Personal identity and motivation is an essential part of career strategy and planning, since it provides the steer and the ‘gas’ for where you are going. So the next time you find yourself considering your next career step, ask yourself: What do I really want? What does it mean to me? How can I track a path from where I am now to that? OR How can I integrate a bit more of that into my work life in the future?