Itchy Feet: Tips for When You Want to Move Job

Your candidate profile and timing your job search right

When you are thinking about moving job, what are the most useful things to know? Firstly, ask yourself why you haven’t done it earlier. If you can’t find a reason, you seriously need to get your skates on and become very proactive about finding your next role. Chances are your job is enervating you or you’re not gaining much more ‘career capital’ by staying there. Prepare your candidate profile (CV, LinkedIn profile, interview story), share it with the right recruiters, and start a structured job search. Secondly, time your job search to coincide with the best recruitment cycles for your industry and seniority level. Generally speaking, mid-September, and January through May, are better times to start a new search. Thirdly, get clear on the value of what you are taking with you from your current job. Here, think of your current job as an old car that you are about to trade in. How can you improve it a bit to boost it’s value – new headlights, re-upholstered seats, throw in some hidden extras? Find ways to complete important projects (or get at least preliminary results in). Consolidate key client and other stakeholder relationships. Use the goodwill and respect you’ve built up to widen your mandate or to get a new project under your remit, then deliverable valuable, measurable outcomes against it over the next year (or relevant time period). It’s often when people are ready to move on from their current firm that they have the ripest opportunities in front of them to build some solid ‘career capital’.